A Little Audacity…

What does it really mean to have a little audacity? Well, lets see what Webster has to say:

Audacity: boldness or daring, especially with confident or arrogant disregard for personal safety, conventional thought, or other restrictions.

Often, when audacity is mentioned in general conversation, it is presented in a negative light. For example, one might say: “Can you believe that she had the audacity to say I’ve gained weight” or “He had the audacity to think I would give him the time of day”.  If you let it, the little audacities of another has the power to make you feel slighted or disrespected –even if their statements are true or not intended to personally offend. In this case, you might know that you have put on a few pounds but the fact that someone was bold enough to say it to you directly causes the stir of emotion, therefore bringing forth insecurities.

But what if we flipped audacity and called it motivation. Could it possibly do magical things in our life? I say YES! When harnessed, audacity is the courage to change, to create, to expand. It gives you the power and “the nerve” to uplift yourself and others around you. It’s the life energy and boldness one needs to excel and conquer.

This blog was created as a little audacity of my own. It’s my declaration to the world: “I AM HERE”. I’ll talk lifestyle, relationships, and share personal experiences and lessons I’ve collected over the years. One post at a time, it is my wish that you will be encouraged to enjoy this journey called life, to the fullest, for no other reason than- you can.  I truly believe that if faith, the size of a mustard seed is all that is needed to believe that all your dreams are possible- then a little audacity is fuel needed to transform those dreams into reality.

Welcome to alittleaudacity.com.

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