Thank you for your interest in writing for “A Little Audacity”.

Whether you’re a professional writer or a novice, we welcome your voice.

To submit your ideas, please write a brief query letter that explains your story concept and why this idea would appeal to the Audacious Reader. Query letters should be no more than 1 page in length and should be addressed to ‘Staff Editor’  with the subject line ‘Submission Request”. All submission should be emailed to

Be sure to include a daytime telephone number and an E-mail address. If chosen for publication, you will be contacted by one of our editors.

We are currently accepting queries on the following topics:

Personal Essays/ Personal Growth: This sections accepts queries for first-person essays that are rich in anecdote and explore  some aspect of your emotional life experience and lessons learned.

Sex, Relationship and Love: This section accepts queries for sex and relationship features, first person dating and relationship essays and advice.

Body and Soul: This section accepts queries for health and beauty trends and recipes.

Entertainment/ News: This section accepts queries for opinion pieces on reported stories on current events and reviews on art, music, television, film and the web.









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