3 ‘Old School’ Communication Strategies that Actually Work in Relationships

“Without communication, there is no relationship; without respect, there is not love; without trust, there is no reason to continue” Unknown Author.

Whether you choose to get together, stay together or walk away, communication is key.

Here are 3 old school ways of communicating that should brought back to style:


Ahhhh, the hand written word. How lovely it is to take a stroll down memory lane. Remember the good ole’ days when you actually sat down to write your feelings out on paper? As the writer, you would take a moment to stop and think about what you wanted to communicate to someone. You savored the moment making sure that you captured the right tone, using just the right phrases to express your true feelings… Think about how open and vulnerable you felt giving your letter to your loved one knowing that he or she would get a sneak peak into your true self.

And readers, how special did you feel to receive a hand written letter? Knowing that someone choose to take time to share with you their thoughts and gave you a record to keep and revisit at any time.love letter

The act takes effort but the benefit is that its serves as a self-administered therapy session for both partners and sets the tone for a face to face conversation.

2 .PICK UP THE PHONE to talk- not text.

(Gasp) What a concept! Sending text messages is quick, reliable, and convenient but there is nothing like hearing someone voice to make you feel important.


I get it- we’re all busy but even a quick call in between meetings to let your partner know that you’re thinking of them will do wonders for your relationship. Ever wonder why women (and men too) will listen a voice message from their partner over and over again. No, they’re not crazy! Hearing someone voice creates a feeling of connection that doesn’t translate through text. The value of a message is found in a personal touch and what’s more valuable and personal than YOU?

pillow talk


In this day and age , everyone is on the go, running to work, working late, raising children and striving to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones. Who wouldn’t be a bit.. intense. A daily routine that is constantly at a 10 would make anyone, male or female stressed out . But there is one thing that couples can do to relieve that stress…You’re probably thinking have sex, huh? Yes! but more importantly, enjoy the afterglow by engaging in some good old fashioned pillow talk. Both partners feel relaxed and it is a good time to share feelings and emotions which will ultimately lead to deeper connection.


Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Which communication strategy do you miss the most?

Do you have a communication strategy that has done wonders for your relationship? If so, share.

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Lisa K.